Welcome to the Devils Fastpitch Website. Devils Fastpitch assists young ladies in their pursuit of obtaining their highest skill level possible in softball while providing them an environment that emphasizes player development, stresses commitment, integrity, sportsmanship and never forgetting the importance of player camaraderie. We are located in south eastern, Michigan and pull talent from all over the state of Michigan. The Devils have a history of providing these young ladies with the tools needed to compete and improve their skills, while playing tournament fastpitch softball.


11u 2014 USSSA World Series Runner Ups



The 11u Devils are the third team in our organization to win a STATE TITLE!!!  Go DEVILS.



10u USSSA STATE Runner-up

The 10u Devils are the 2014 "A" USSSA State runner-up.



10u NSA "A" STATE Champions

The 10u Devils are the 2014 "A" NSA State CHAMPIONS!!!!!!



12u NSA STATE Champions

The 12u Went 6-0 and captured the NSA B state championship.




16u Black NSA Cobra Challenge Runners Up



11u USSSA SGS Shootout Runners Up



16u Black NSA Shootout Champions



14u Red Riverview Champions



14u Red EMU Champions



11u USSSA Toledo Tune-up 12u Champions

11u finshed 7 0 in their pool at the Toledo Tune Up 2nd over all out of 18 teams. The last two years this team is 13 0 1 down in Toledo.



10u and 12u Champions at PGF Motorcity Classic

The 10u and 12u Devils both win at the PGF Motorcity Classic.



10u Champions at NSA Holiday Memorial

The 10U Devils won the NSA Holiday Memorial tournament with a 5-0 record over the weekend.  It was their 6th Championship out of 7 tournaments for this special group of ladies.  Every player made tremendous contributions.  The TEAM scored in double digits in 4 of the 5 games while only giving up an average of 2 runs per game.  Another great job by all and we are very proud of you.




12u Runner-up at NSA Holiday Memorial




11u Runner-ups at NSA Tags Tune Up

The 11u girls played a great championship game coming up short 7 to 5 with the last out coming on a line drive to 2nd base with runners on 2nd and 3rd.



12u Runner-ups at Tecumseh




10u Runner-ups at NSA Tags Tune Up

The 10U Devils went 5-1 for the weekend in the NSA Tags Tune Up but lost their bid for a 6th straight Championship taking the Runner Up spot after coming up short in the final.  It was a beautiful weekend weather wise and we saw many positives and growth from all the girls as they supported each other and worked together win or lose.  The team is eager to get back to work and fun in two weeks.




10u Wins 5th consecutive Championship at NSA Cinco de Mayo

The 10U Devils won their 5th consecutive Championship of the season taking the title at the Cinco de Mayo NSA tournament in Clinton, Mi. They went 5-1 on the weekend coming from behind in the semi-final game in their last at bats to win by one.  In the Championship game the Devils beat the Hurricanes 10-0 throwing a perfect game.  The girls came out hitting and never stopped to close the show.  It was a combined "TEAM" effort and these girls refuse to lose on Sundays.




10u Wins 4th consecutive Championship at NSA Early Bird

The 10U Devils won their 4th consecutive Championship of the year taking home the hardware in the Early Bird NSA Qualifier in Potterville, Michigan this past weekend. They went 2-1 in pool play on Saturday in the frigid temps with outstanding pitching.  However, on Sunday the girls broke out their bats and clubbed their way to victory winning the semi final game 6-1 and Championship game 13-1.  It was a TEAM effort and the girls were stingy on defense helping to produce  2 no-hitters on the weekend while only giving up only 4 hits and 5 runs in 5 games with the combination of great defense / pitching.  The 10U has now qualified for the NSA World Series. 




10u & 14u Black Champions at the Duel at the Dome


14u Black:   Our 14u team came out and played solid softball.  Coach Mike had these comments.  "We only had two errors in 4 games"  "Everyone on the team stepped it up a notch." "We have been working very hard this winter putting in over 4 hours a week and it really shows."



10u: The 10U Devils won their 3rd consecutive Championship of the young season winning the Duel in the Dome and going 4-0 in the process.  They beat Rage and Ida on Saturday scoring 30 runs and giving up 4.  On Sunday they came from behind to beat the Hurricanes 5-4 in the semi-final and once again came from behind to beat Ice Black and win the title 9-6 in the Championship game.  The girls showed great courage, determination, and heart.  They are a special group. 



10u Battle in the Bubble Champions

10u Devils won their 2nd championship of the season at the Battle in the Bubble where they posted a 4-0 record.  They shut out and no-hit the Downriver Diamonds 14-0, no-hit Richmond 16-3, beat Team Michigan 8-5, and no- hit the Raiders in the finals for a 7-2 win.  All the girls made contributions once again and it was a wonderful team effor on the weekend.  We are very proud of our young ladies.



16u - Red High School Runner-Up at the Field House

16u Devils-Red went 3-1-1 at the Battle in the Bubble and lost in the finals to the Wildfire. We had 3 Home runs this weekend by Shelby Watson, Brooke Snyder, & Doree Arevalo.




16u Black Holiday Classic Champions



 Devils Fastpitch presents its 2nd Annual College Night

1-12-14               4-6pm


Bluffton University, Defiance College, and Siena Heights softball coaches came to the Devils Indoor training facility on Sunday for our athletes and parents.    A big thank you to the college coaches that came out fo our organization!!  Topics covered during the college night included.

1. Overview of coach / school softball program.

2. Expectation of a scholar / athlete - What coaches look for!!

3.  Typical week during the season.

4. Typical week off season - but at school




Wayne State University visits the Devils Triaining center

Thank you to the 14 members of the Wayne State Softball team who came to the 10U Devils practice on Friday Nov, 22nd 2013. All of the girls had a great time practicing and shared pizza afterwards.




Madonna University visits the Devils Triaining center

The Devils want to thank Breanna Keethler, Brian DeBono, and Nicky Salloum from Madonna University for taking our girls through a great practice today. We appreciate it and thank you! We worked hard and learned a lot.




11U-Trosell 2014 USSSA World Series Runner-Up

10U-Collins 2014 USSSA State Runner-Up

11U-Trosell 2014 USSSA State Champions

10U-Collins 2014 NSA A State Champions

12U-Littleton 2014 NSA B State Champions

16U-Charron 2014 NSA Shootout Champions

11U-Trosell 2014 Toledo SGS Shootout 12U Runner-Up

13U-Harris 2014 Toledo SGS Shootout 14U Runner-Up


11U-Trosell 2014 Toledo Tune-up 12u Champions

14U Red-Yanos 2014 Riverview Champions

14U Red-Yanos 2014 EMU Champions

16U-Charron 2014 Cobra Challenge Runner-Up

10U-Collins 2014 Southeast Classic Champions

11U-Trosell 2014 Southeast Classic Runner-Up

12U-Littleton 2014 Southeast Classic Champions

10U-Collins 2014 Holiday Memorial Champions

12U-Littleton 2014 Holiday Memorial Runner-Up

12U-LIttleton 2014 Tecumseh Challenge Runner-Up

11U-Trosell 2014 NSA Tags Hartland Runner-Up

10U-Collins: 2014 NSA  Tags Hartland Runner-Up

10U-Collins: 2014 NSA Cinco de Mayo Champions

10u-Collins: 2014  NSA  Potterville Champions

10u-Collins: 2014  Duel at the Dome  Champions

14u-Werth: 2014  Duel at the Dome  Champions

10u-Collins: 2014 Battle in the Bubble  Champions

16U-Paliotheodoros: 2014 Battle in the Bubble Runner-up

16U-Charron: 2013 Holiday Classic Champions

12u-Littleton: 2013 Tecumseh Fall Tournament Champions

10u-Collins: 2013  USSSASmashing Pumpkins  Champions

13u-Werth: 2013  Jeannine M Dufault  Runner-up

12u-Harris: 2013 USSSA Toledo Shootout  Champions

10u-Trosell: 2013 USSSA Riverview  Champions

12u-Harris: 2013 USSSA Riverview  Champions

13u-Werth: 2013 USSSA Riverview  Champions

10u-Trosell: 2013 USSSA Livonia Storm Summer Bash Champions

12u-Harris: 2013 USSSA Livonia Storm Summer Bash Champions

11u-Littleton: 2013 USSSA Ohio State Champions

13u-Werth: 2013 ASA Farley Memorial Silver Champions

12u- Harris: 2013 ASA Farley Memorial Gold Runner-up

10u-Trosell: 2013  USSSA Toledo Tune up "A"  Champions

10u-Trosell: 2013  Tecumseh Crush Classic  Champions

12u- Harris 2013 Ida Spring Blast Runner-up

10u-Trosell: 2013  Ida Spring Blast Champions

10u-Trosell: 2013  USSSA Thunderbirds Spring Thaw  Runner-up

10u-Trosell: 2013  Duel at the Dome  Champions

12u-Harris: 2013  Duel at the Dome  Champions

18u-Werth: 2013  Duel at the Dome  Runner-up

18u-Werth: 2012 Holiday Classic  Runner-up

12u-Harris : 2012 Holiday Classic  Runner-up

10u-Trosell: 2012  Eastern Michigan Play at the Cage Summer Invitational  Champions

12u-Harris: 2012  USSSA 13th Annual Riverview Summerfest   Runner-up

16u-Werth: 2012  Duel at the Dome  Champions

16u-Werth: 2012 USSSA Total Sports Holiday Hit  Runner-up

16u-Werth: 2012 USSSA Smashing Pumpkins "16uA"  Champions

15u-Werth: 2011 USSSA World Series 5th Place

15u-Werth: 2011 USSSA Riverview Summerfest Runner-up

12u-Dymon: 2011 USSSA Riverview Summerfest Champions

15u-Werth: 2011 ASA  Farley Memorial Runner-up

12u-Dymon: 2011 Duel at the Dome Runner-up

14u-Werth:   2010 NSA Summer Sizzler Champions

14u-Werth:   2010 NSA Rockin in Rodchester Runner-up

12u-Dymon: 2010 USSSA Riverview Runner-up

13u-Roberts: 2010 ASA Fast Rizing Starz Champions

10u-Dymon: 2009 USSSA 8th annual SGS Shootout Champions

12U-Roberts: 2009 ASA Fast Rizing Starz Runner up

12u-Roberts: 2009 ASA Sharks Memorial Champions 

12u-Roberts: 2009 USSSA PC Pride Spring Tuneup Runner-up

12u-Werth: 2008 NSA 12th Annual Early Bird Runner-up

12u-Werth: 2008 ASA Motorcity Showdown Runner-up "A bracket"